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seo in short - amp guide

A 6-Step Guide to Getting AMP Right!

Well, we all know how since the past one year, AMP is booming in the Search space. Initially, AMP pages just appeared on the carousels but since November 2016, these have now started reflecting on Google Search as well. As most of the webmasters are now moving to this approach, you too should (if you have not already). Recently Tejas ...

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seo in short - mobile optimization

Mobile Page Speed – Importance & New Industry Benchmarks

Why should you care about Mobile Page Speed? If you are wondering how to impress the Google crawlers, first think of the user experience on your site. One of the most important factors for a better user experience is your page speed. With more than half of the searches now on mobile devices, it is imperative to work on your ...

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seo in short - google adsense violation solutions

Types of Google AdSense Policy Violations & New Page Level Policy Action

This post will help you understand various types of Google AdSense Policy Violations, how to resolve them and a new Page Level Policy Action update that would certainly bring some cheer to the AdSense Publishers. Let me begin this post with some good news for the AdSense Publishers. Google has announced couple of changes in the AdSense policies to provide ...

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crawl budget optimization

What is Crawl Budget and How to Optimize it?

What is Crawl Budget? Crawl Budget is a good old concept often overlooked by the search engine optimisation experts. While we all keep pondering on how good the title tags need to be or how to optimise the images; we often forget about how easy or difficult the crawler journey would be on our site? Search engine crawlers, spiders or ...

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google search console - data

Google chose different canonical than user’ from New Search Console’s Index Coverage proves How Smart is Google

Index Coverage from Google’s New Search Console We all have got access to the much-awaited New Search Console (available at While the new features are in the development stage, we already have access to couple of great ones. The first one is of course the Performance section that provides data for 16 months! And the second one is Index ...

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